Download any Youtube videos on Android SmartPhone in 5 seconds

I was trouble searching for apps which will help me download any videos  in any quality i want on YouTube, and after many attempt I found an android apps which cannot be found on Google’s Play store. It was previously listed on Google play store but it isn’t available right now. 


  1. YouTube is the Second largest search engine just after Google.

     2.  Every minute, more than 100 hours of video are uploaded to                            YouTube.

    3.  You can navigate YouTube in more than 75 different languages,                        covering 95% of the Internet population.

Step 1   Go to

Step 2 Download videoder apk, don’t worry it is their official

Step 3 watch the download in the notifications panel. Once the download is complete tap on the completed notification to install

Step 4 Your settings may not allow you to install apk outside play store. If you see the popup tap on setting and follow next instruction.

Step 5 Go back to Downloads and open the downloaded and complete the installation. Do not forget to turn off Unknown sources once the installation is complete.

Installation is complete Now go and download all your favourite songs and Videos.

6 thoughts on “Download any Youtube videos on Android SmartPhone in 5 seconds

  1. Yeah i remember videoder used to be on google play store, and i could not find it right now. thanks for getting it back!

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