How to get approval for Google ad-sense within an hour like a pro

Google ad-sense is a platform where Google pay for the user for their ads on You-tube videos, apps or blog. It is the best thing happen on internet, Thanks to it, many people are now working full time from their couch and earning happily!

But getting approval for ad-sense is an another milestone many people get reject for their account and get discourage, 

So what you should do if you get rejected ?

The things which matter is you should not discourage at rejection but re-submission at every fail as there is not a limit on re-submission again for ad-sense approval,

i hear a lot of stories of how a guy fail ten times at getting approval.


Let me tell you my story, how i got approved within an hour like a pro not once but twice.

Google had made following changes regarding earning on You-tube a year ago, so as to weed out low quality and to focus on quality you-tuber. If you are applying as You-tuber, following this should be fulfill before even thing of applying for Google Ad-sense.

                   Must have 1000 subscriber (new changes)

                   10,000 views on your channel videos (including all videos)

                  No copyright issue, if you get few copyright issue, your account                        could get banned forever

If you fulfill all the above things your sure will get approved instantly

Secondly, If you are applying adsense for your wordpress/blogger blog

You have to be more careful

                    You must have atleast 10 blog post with two or more blog of                              more than 1000 words.

                    Decent traffic although it doesn’t matter if your blog post are of                         high quality

                    No copyright issue or copy post which google take it very                                     seriously.

                     Privacy policy, Disclaimer, contact info, all must be fulfill, this                           things is very important.

although you can have youtube and blog at the same adsense account but i got copy right issue for my youtube account so i deleted youtube adsense and  apply again for my blog adsense, it is also known that you are forbidden of having 2 adsense on single name.

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