Do you want to earn extra money apart from your regular job?

Do you love to work but do not want to work under someone?

You are not the only person saying YES to these questions. Though everyone has their own reason, every individual  wants to be a freelancer or wants to earn some extra income.

Today, many people face difficulty in earning bread and butter. With rising desires and wishes, it has become an even more difficult thing to fulfill them with only one income source. This leads to dissatisfaction from their jobs. Many people search online for “How to earn money online” Most of them quit only after reading a few articles online as they do not find anything relevant or interesting.

Through this blog, I will tell you how you can become a freelancer and earn money online apart from your regular income.

What is Freelancing?

A self-employed person who offers his services to the clients is called a freelancer. He often deals with a number of clients at the same time. The services that the freelancers offer to their clients are usually through some third-party websites and apps like Truelancer, UpWork, freelancer or Fiverr.

Nearly every type of service required by most of the businesses could be done through freelancing including advertising,marketing, technological support, publicity, graphics and web designing,bookkeeping and data entry.

How to start earning as a freelancer?

Before you can begin exploring any freelancing website, you need to figure out what you can do and what skills you have like writing, web designing, and development, graphics designing, data entry, marketing or any other. If you think you do not possess such skills, you can upgrade yourself and hone some professional skills.

You need to sign up and set up your account on at least one of the many freelancing websites like Truelancer, Freelancer,Upwork and Fiverr.  Complete your profile set up and clearly mention your skills so that everyone can see it and know about you.

Most of the websites require you to set up a PayPal account for transactions. All your payments are done through the PayPal. Set up your PayPal account and add it to your profile for an easy transaction.

The next step varies from one website to another. You need to look for jobs posted on the website and send your proposal to the client. These freelancing websites allow you to send a limited amount of proposals per month. You can buy more proposals by paying a small amount of fee to the website.

Your proposal should be genuine and clearly stating your skills. The proposal should be relevant to the project requirements and you can share your past experience relevant to the project. Show the client why you are fit for this job and why should he hire you over other freelancers. You need to mention the charges at which you will deliver your services to the client.

After your proposal is accepted by the client, you can start to work on the project. Always stick to the deadlines assigned by the client and deliver your services accordingly. When you have completed the project, you can notify the client by submitting the project completion and ask the client to release the payment. If the client is satisfied, he will release the payment and you will get the amount. All the websites ask for giving feedback. The client will also review your work and give feedback to you as per your work.

The reviews you receive from your clients are highlighted on your profile and show quality and efficiency of your work. The more the number of feedback on your profile, the more likely it is for the new clients to hire you.

In the next articles, I will tell you how to sign up and start working on some of the very popular freelancing websites.
Happy Freelancing!!

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