Top Affiliate Program you should be using in 2019

Wondering about what affiliate program is and how it works?

There are various affiliate program people are using to make money by blogging. But first, you have to do two things right. First, make the blog website presentable to its visitors so that it leaves a long-lasting effect in their minds and you make a loyal followers list. The next thing is to have quality content in your site so that visitors find informative articles from which they are benefited on a regular basis. Once these two factors are taken care of, there is an immediate need to monetize your site to earn money in blogging.

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Today, we have come up with the most profitable ways of earning with your affiliate program from blogging for a website that has a fair rate of web traffic.

1. Google Ad-sense

Google’s advertisement program is the world’s biggest payout ad system, and almost all popular sites have them. First, you need to have enough content in your site which is plagiarism free, then you could apply for Ad-sense approval.
Google Ad-sense has various ad units of different sizes with several customization options to suit your theme color and space. It is a pay per click advertisement, and with more ad impressions, the quality of ads will increase, i.e., you will get more money for every single click.
But in case you don’t get your Ad-sense approved, there is nothing to get disheartened. There are so many alternatives to it. Several other popular pay per click advertisement options are Info-links, or clicksor to name a few. Otherwise, try the following options.

2. Affiliation Market – Affiliate program

This could be the biggest source of income for any website, and for some, it is even better than Google Ad-sense. Affiliation program means you are going to advertise product links with images in your site that belongs to someone else and when a user clicks on it and buys that product, you will get a commission of nearly 20% – 50% on the price of the product. If you use product ads that are relevant to your site’s content, chances are high for users to check them out. All leading e-commerce sites such as shopping carts, online course sellers, hosting sites and so on have a free sign up affiliation program, and they can be placed on any website. They don’t have any parameter for approval.

3. Show External Sponsored Posts – Affiliate marketing

Survey has shown that most users tend to click on them as the topics of those sponsored posts are eye-catching and tempting. For every click get will receive money, and this will make a user realize that your site is worth visiting again. Do check out sites like Outbrain, Taboola to avail such service for free.

4. CPM Ads – Affiliate program

CPM stands for Cost Per Mille i.e, you get paid for every 1000 ad impressions. Generally, it is $1 for 1000 adviews. Getting request approved is no bar. This is useful if you have a daily high web traffic site and Google Adsense or affiliated programs are frustrating you. Popular ones are and

5. Sell Private Space – Product or service

You can sell the ad spaces from your website or blog to different ad agencies and get paid on a monthly basis just for showing ads on your site. Getting approval can be tedious as they look for quality content sites and prefer sites with moderate daily web traffic. If you want to go for this, check out BuySellAds and AdvertiseSpace.

6. Embed Youtube Videos In Your Site

Open a Youtube channel once your site starts getting a moderate flow of web traffic. Make some slides or presentation type videos with awesome transition effects and the content of the video should be related to the content of the article where you will embed the video. These days most bloggers and website owners are employing this technique as Youtube pays you for every 1000 views.

7. Sell Products And Services – including online course

Selling digital products such as apps, e-books and materials could be a pocket of huge profit if your contents are related to them. Most people tend to buy them if they find your articles or blog posts useful in their lives.
At the same time, you can offer services such as designing a logo or banner or writing an SEO-friendly article or building a simple WordPress site, and this could help you make huge profits as is the case with most people.

8. Sell Your Site – Product or service

Some bloggers actually like to do it repetitively. They make one site, add quality content and get Adsense approval and sell them for a fortune. If you are wondering who will buy your site, then you must check out sites such as Flippa where newbie sites sell out via auction for thousands of dollars.

The above-stated ways are the most profitable ways of how affiliate program could increase revenue from their blog. We recommend your visitors to experiment with the above-mentioned ways to find out the most suitable one for their sites, and we wish everyone all the best so that they can earn money from your dream site like never before.



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    • Glad that you learn about ways other than Google adsense, but don’t worry you can try as many times as you want to approve for adsense

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