Follow this Amazingly Simple Steps to Jump 12 millions in website ranking

website ranking

Boosting Website Ranking is much easier now

Every Blogger dream is rank high their website and gets tons of traffic either organic or from social. Yeah! There are other ways to get traffic too, like buying a truck from Fiverr and getting traffic with bots, but it will hurt your website in the long run.

I know I had started blogging a few months and my website is still in initial or newbie stage, but I am satisfied with the accomplishment I had so far, I used this website checker and in just three months my website rank has ascended or jumped by more than 12 million. I thought it would help you to rank your site too.


website ranking

website ranking

Just Follow these simple steps in website ranking

The first and most important things you should own domain name for which you can buy from  Godaddy, it is easy to use Godaddy, and their support is considered best in the world, the field from your blogger is of no use if you are focusing for a long term in blogging. If you already own an area, you are already ahead in the game.
You also should have a decent hosting for your website; Google always favors those who have a proper hosting for their website. A proper hosting makes your site available on google for most of the time, Error 404 from your hosting many times seriously affect your website ranking.

Write, quality post, as we know if you write quality content, Google will favor your website.

  • Publish your blog posts with a decent interval between them, like Posting 2 times a week or 3 times a week.
  • Never forget to share your blog post on various social media aka Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin
  • Bonus sign up for Viralcontentbee and get the share from minded and quality blogger around the world.
  • Now the most important things have just started, Get grade for your website and noted what wrong and fix those as soon as possible.
  • Used appropriate plugin on the website like cache and try to minimize it so that it won’t interfere in your site ranking.
  • Link building, If you manage to get a link from high DA and PA site, there is a guarantee of an increase in your website ranking
    BONUS ;

Use Canva free version for making quality Blog banners and Pinterest friendly images.

Use Semrush free version for checking Keyword rank.

Use Alexa free version for website ranking.

Use KeywordEverywhere chrome extension for finding Keyword competition.

Now you have done most of the thing and wait to see sudden changes in website rank.

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