A Well known doctor recently announce that there is a hope for 35 million people with HIV AIDS living across the world. The Unknown patient become the third patient to cured of the deadly virus.



HIV AIDS was believe to be origin in 1986 in Congo and and first identified in 1986, Research had believe it to be transmitted from Chimpanzee which has infected with SIV.

How it transmitted to human from Chimpanzee?

It was believe that people used to hunt infected champ and eat it, or it’s blood get inside human through cuts or bruise while hunting. While people move to town and cities and thus are spreading it everywhere

What does HIV AIDS do to the human body?

HIV stand for Human Immunodeficiency virus, Virus once entered body will weaken the infected body and the infected person will get ill so often.

How Long does it take to notice HIV AIDS Human?

The incubation period varies with age and person it could take as long as 10 year. so many people fail to notice it before it’s final stage.

How people have been dealing with HIV AIDS these days?

A drugs, which is known as Antiretroviral drugs, which stopped the virus from further spreading in the infected person. It is believe to be so safe that people who aren’t infected are taking it as a precaution.


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There is 3 (official) people which has become free of HIV AIDS till today

Timothy Brown who is also known as Berlin patient, who become AIDS free after receiving stem transplant in the year 2007. He is the first person to get rid of AIDS and living healthy till today.

Second person, who is known as London and third one is Dusseldorf patient, Both patient receive bone marrow cell from the donors who is believe to have rare mutation CCR5 delta, and after three years of the transplant both patient are not showing any sign of virus. But Doctor are saying, it is too early to declare that both patient is completely free of HIV AIDS but there is a hope.



Both the second and third person are also  CANCER patient in addition to the HIV AIDS, so doctor did transplant stem for the cancer in both patient from the donor who has rare mutation CCR5 delta, which is believe to be resistant of HIV.

In order to this this, the doctors had to completely wipe out the infected person’s immune from the it’s body and  new immune of the donor will be injected in his body which have superpower immune CCR5 in it.

The process is dangerous and costly too. So Doctor are not recommended it to a healthy HIV patient as long as they don’t have any serious illness.





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