Bluehost vs siteground ; Battle for the Best Web hosting 2.0

Bluehost vs Siteground

Building your own website is no longer an activity that only a technical person can do.  There are a number of web hosting service providers available on the internet.

bluehost vs siteground

 Are you a beginner and trying to build your first website? Or an experienced developer researching for the best website hosting services. Either way, you must be confused between the two big things in the web hosting world- Bluehost vs SiteGround. People always get confused between these two. Both of these have their own advantages as well as disadvantages. So, here we are going to see Bluehost vs SiteGround, which one is better and why?


Speed and loading time for Bluehost vs SiteGround

Uptime and the speed are the two of the most important factors that matter when choosing a web-hosting package. Your website speed will not only decrease the current visitors of the website but also Google and other search engines take these things very seriously. Obviously, people will choose a website, which loads faster as compared to the slower one. When tested with top speed checking platform such as GT Metrix, Pingdom, etc. SiteGround loaded a bit faster than the Bluehost.

Better: SiteGround’s hosted website will load speedily

(SiteGround 1, Bluehost 0)


Hosting features and pricing – Bluehost vs SiteGround

To get a clearer idea, we will just see the basic plan of both of these hosting services. For hosting space, SiteGround’s entry-level plan provides 10 GB of space while BlueHost entry-level plan provides 50 GB of space.

The next important thing in hosting that matters the most is the bandwidth. When you see the entry-level plan on both of these giants. You will see both of them provides unlimited bandwidth. Therefore, bandwidth is not an issue for any of them.

When talking about the pricing. Unfortunately, SiteGround will cost you more than BlueHost despite their lower features and less amount of space. Please note that the price that you will see on the first page of SiteGround is only for the first year. Charges are more from next year, Also, BlueHost offers a free domain name along with hosting plan.

Better: Bluehost has affordable pricing with more features

(SiteGround 1, Bluehost 1)



Hidden fees – Bluehost vs SiteGround

The one thing that matters the most in choosing a hosting plan is the hidden charges. To know more about it, you can just visit the Bluehost website. You will they charge around $2.75. You might think, it is a great deal I can get, When you click on the Get started button and are actually redirected to the sign-up page. You will see, that charges are only if you order the hosting for 3 years.  On the other hand, SiteGround has clear hosting price and cost which you will see.

Better: SiteGround has clear pricing while you will need to go till the sign-up page for Bluehost’s pricing.

(SiteGround 2, Bluehost 1)



Upgrades and Extras – Bluehost vs SiteGround

When you select a hosting plan, there is a PHP version which is controlled by the Hosting company. As a user, you can change the version after it is released by the company. Even here, SiteGround can offer you more upgrades as compared to Bluehost. Bluehost takes a very long time in releasing the upgrades. Along with this, they have a lot of add-ons, which will constantly ask you to pay more. You will be seeing a lot of extras where they ask for more money. It becomes irritating sometimes.

Better: SiteGround has more upgrades while Bluehost constantly asks if you want paid add-ons and other tools.

(SiteGround 3, Bluehost 1)


We also took some survey about best hosting in Facebook’s group and the results are

84 Participant vote for the best web hosting among 18 different web-hosting (Here showing only 11 as my screenshot doesn’t support long images)  and Here is the result;

bluehost vs siteground

(SiteGround 3, Bluehost 2)


Now Which has better support – BlueHost vs SiteGround

At first, many of you might think, you don’t need support when you buy a hosting because everything is available on Google. That is completely wrong. You will surely need support at some point. Here, the clear Winner is SiteGround, they provide 24 hours support via chat, phone, or email. BlueHost also provides the same. However, SiteGround support system is way faster as compared to BlueHost. If you are fine with waiting for a couple of minutes, you can also go with BlueHost. Sometimes, it takes 30+ minutes for support to arrive in even in the phone call which is quite irritating.

Better: SiteGround has better and faster support that BlueHost

(SiteGround 4, Bluehost 2)



Uptime – Bluehost Vs SiteGround

Uptime stands for the total time when your website was live. It is a necessary thing to consider as no one will visit your website if it does not load on the first time. 70% of your first-time visitor will not re-open your website if it does not load the first go. SiteGround has an uptime technology where they guarantee 99.99% uptime for all the users. On the other hand, Bluehost also has similar uptime of about 99.99%. However, sometimes the Bluehost website is down for more time.

Better: Almost both are similar in the case of the uptime. You can choose any of them.

(SiteGround 5, Bluehost 3)



Bluehost vs SiteGround – Which is good for WordPress

Both of the websites, Bluehost as well as SiteGround are officially recommended by WordPress. However, SiteGround adds some of the extra features in WordPress such as WordPress staging, managed updates, WP-CLI, as well as git integration. Along with this, they also provide free WordPress transfer. Along with this, SiteGround security features make sure your website is 100% safe from attackers and any vulnerabilities. They fix most of the vulnerabilities without any of their users are affected.

Better: SiteGround has more WordPress features

(SiteGround 6, Bluehost 3)




 Final words

To conclude, SiteGround is better. However, it will cost you more when you go with SiteGround. If your budget is low and wants the best hosting service, Bluehost is also a Good choice. Further, when we checked all the Facebook polls and other reviews, most of the users were more comfortable and were willing to choose SiteGround as their hosting provider rather than Bluehost. However, you can choose any of them according to the budget you have as well as by the features you want. You can take a look at plans for both of the websites and choose the one which is perfect for you.



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