Empowr reviews, what is empowr, empowr scam; Shocking truth reveals

Empowr reviews of mine after working on the site for more than a year, So i will tell you exactly what is Empowr, Empowr scam and the truth

As of today 11 april 2019, i had been on this site for more than a year, so i’m pretty eligible to comment on this things, i will enlight every possible things about Empowr, so this is going to be long post, so grab a coffee and read the bare truth about it.

Empowr was previously know as Fanbox, as per the Websiteseochecker


Empowr is 15 year, 304 days old as per 4th april 2019,

It’s Alexa ranking is 20,555

Now back to the main point

what is Empowr?

Empowr is building the world’s first web-based democratic social economy that combines aspects of Facebook, eBay, Etsy and Tumblr.

Empowr want to return 97% of the earning back to it’s citizen with an aimĀ  to reduce world poverty by letting people earn atleast $25 per day by 2025, sound great right?

Johnny Cash was the founder of this world first democratic social economy.

when i found about the empowr, i couldn’t believe anymore, how can someone pay for closing loops; liking status, bidding on someone’s product or photo.

So once i sign up for the empowr.com i got $40 as wel-come bonus,

what’s the catch? can i just withdraw it?

Yes! and No!

Confusing right?

Yes! you can withdraw cash from empowr if you pay for the ads credit from your credit,debit card or paypal.

No! If you don’t want to spend money from your pocket,

Newbie on the site get confused “then when i can withdraw those $40 dollar?

It will have to matured; 90 days which started from the next month of your earning.

How Empowr works now

You Can earn daily by closing loops

REMEMBER; You will earn only in Pre-coins

Which can be done by

  1. Listing (product, services or blog)
  2. Sharing (which include liking other people post)
  3. Post, Updating status
  4. Bidding when you attain certain level.

In Empowr, There is Two types of Coins

  • Pre-coins
  • Coins


You get pre-coins for doing the above task (listing, Sharing, Updating post, Bidding)

Pre-coins is used only for

Buying Subscription

For bidding

You cannot withdrawel pre-coins


You get coins only when you can spin,


Once you attain your daily goal, There will be one time Spin (every 24 hours)

You could win

  • Coins
  • Pre-coins












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