How to make money from youtube channel [100% info]

How to make money from youtube channel?

You all  get excited, when you heard that some guys are earning decent amount  from Youtube, so you are already thinking of doing the same and start typing

“How to make money from youtube channel in google?”

Well, before jumping on your bed in excitement, let me get to the point, it’s is not easier that you thought it will be, but if you are not camera shy, you are already ahead in this game, so pull up your socks and get ready for becoming the next youtube star, hope you will end this war between Pewdiepie and t-series.
So  you need to find your passion aka acting, funny or something irrestible which people can’t afford to go back after click your videos.

so people will consume your content and will view it for atleast 1 min 20 second.

In an online world, People have freedom to choose like or dislike the videos or comment appreciate or hateful things ,they can do anything or say anything, so be prepared to handles those nasty things sometimes

Let’s discuss all these things in point so it will be easier for newbie youtuber

How you can earn money from youtube channel

Decided your niche

This is the most important factor; Take time to decided your niche as
You might know about this fact; thousand of video are sharing on youtube every seconds, so decided you niche will easier to get more relevant user for your channel without need to spend fortune on advertisment
Once you decided your niche, keep your channel name related to your niche, which will be more easier to get notice of your channel and they are likely to subscribe your channel and more likely to consumer your content and even sharing those on various platform.

Write your channel Description

Many people made mistake here, They just created new Youtube channel and then forget about the channel description, Let’s not forget to Write some good stuff about your new channel, Introduced yourself, put your email and if possible timing of your content uploading.

Added some stuff like, why you created this channel and what you are looking forward too.

Don’t forget to added profile picture; get respective photo- if it is personal upload your real pic, if it is new brand then create your new logo at canva, it is free and easy to use.

Research, Research

So we assume, you already decided niche, and wrote description too, now it’s time to get deep into the content,

Research what types of content are trending, and people are talking about these days,

Let’s say if you niche is cooking, research what type of food people is loving these days and try to think out of the box.

Time for action

When you are done researching , it’s time for action; if you are making city tour video, time to pull up your socks, bring camera and go around the city for action,

If you are vlogger; pick up your camera and go outside and do have fun.

Get Good editing software

If you can afford buy finalcutpro for apple and windoweditor for window, these software are highly used by top youtuber around the world, if you can’t afford it right now don’t worry, you can edit in the youtube channel itself and there are cheaper software too.

>>>>>If you are interested in “How to download youtube videos on your smartphone

Let back to “how to make money from youtube channel”

Research Title and tag

Yay! You have the content but things are not done yet, If you don’t use appropriate title and tags, it won’t get much view unless your content is best of the best, So using right title, description and tag is very important,

For research you can try, 




Go with high CPC and search volume!

Share, share

Once you are done with Title, Description and Tags and uploaded, you needed to share it as much as possible, some of the recommended site are

Facebook ; Facebook is still best place for sharing your content, Try to share it in relevant fb groups.

Twitter ; This microblogging site is also blogger and youtuber another favourite.

Pinterest; Pinterest is trending these days, make high quality pin from canva and uploaded it with your youtube channel link.

Blogpost; You can even share your youtube videos in your blog post

Viral content bee; This is yet another great place to get viral your videos.

Quora; Quora is the mecca of high quality traffic, but you have to minimise advertsing of your videos.

Whatsapp: Share your videos link with your friends and ask them to share in many groups as possible.

Reddit; like it’s say “it is the front page of internet”  if you are lucky and get approved your post, your content could get viral in no time.

consistency in uploading and be available there for your subscriber

Keep consistency in uploading your videos; if you are stick to your timing, people will be there for you when you uploaded,

Reply your subscriber queries in comment section and make it engaging

Apply for Adsense

Once you fulfill below condition
-10,000 hour video watch
– no copyright issue


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