Insurance for beginners What is Insurance and different types of insurance;

Insurance is a way of protection from financial loss, in other ways insurance help the person or company to overcome all the losses  it could face in future as it is uncertain.

insurance for beginners
insurance for beginners

There are two parties in insurance; insurer and the policy holder

Insurer is a company who provide insurance to the person, He will provide claims to the person when he or she face some problem during the insured year,

Policy holder is the person, who made the insurance on behalf of himself or the company. He has to invest money in the insurance for a given period he choose.

But problem when there are a various types of insurance and various types of duration, so reading and knowing the terms and condition is very important before applying to one.

Here is the list of different types of insurance for beginners

Health insurance ( insurance for beginners )

Health insurance is an insurance which include or cover whole body or some part of a risk person which will incurring expense regarding medical, So in this types of insurance, the person will get benefit only if he get suffer from medical condition which is includes in the terms and conditions of the health insurance.

Identity theft protection ( insurance for beginners )

as we know from the word theft, stealing of property can be happen to anyone, so it is better to say safe with the identity theft protection than be sorry, to claim benefits, the policy holders must have deal with the term and condition of it.

Auto insurance insurance for beginners

We already wrote and articles about car insurance, but here auto insurance include most of the vehicles, cars motorcycle, truck and all other vehicles, so the main things of auto insurance is to get benefit against damage happen to the vehicles in the insurance term duration.

Life insurance

Life insurance  is the most common insurance in the insurance industry, life insurance mean a contract between a insurer and the policy holder, by which the beneficiary can claim for the money on the behalf of the policy holder,

Disability insurance

is a insurance between the insurer and policy holder, by terms which policy holder will get benefits, if be become disable from performing certain jobs in the industry he is working.

Homeowner insurance

it is also called home insurance, in this types of insurance, it will provide benefit to the property of private residence. By having homeowners insurance, it will covers all loses to the individuals house and the property inside it.

Travel insurance

Travel insurance include cover to the losses regarding, trip cancellation, flight accident, luggage losses and medical expenses during the trip.

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