How to Buy Shares in India -Easiest way for beginners

How to buy shares in india

Before Diving into the detail. let me tell you what Share markets really mean;

how to buy shares in india
how to buy shares in india

“Share market is a platform where financial instrument which include stocks and derivatives are traded there.”

In Lay-Men terms, “A Place to buy companies fraction of ownership, for which they will issue a share’s certificate for a money.”

For a companies it acts as a pool of fund, where they can raise money for the exchange of shares, bonds derivative and mutual funds to their companies.

Then Companies uses, those funds to expands their business which if favour will increase in a share value over the year. Shares are completely different from insurance, so don’t get confuse with it.

Billion of worth shares are trading on daily basis, some of the most prominent Stock exchanges of india are Bombay stock Exchanges BSE National stock exchanges of india NSE

Point to be remember; Buying shares is much more risky than Mutual, although, The More risky, it is the more volatile in your earning.

Your share values could go up 300% in a year or down -300% over the year.

Now Let me Tell you How to Buy shares in india (Stock Market)

As There is 2 option, You have to decide which one to go for; online Brokerage or through Dealer ship.

If you have a decent knowledge, I suggest to go for online, you will save money and time too.

Or if you have no idea how it work, better to safe than sorry, so buying through dealer will be the best option although they charges some commission, but it will be worth for beginners.

Now you had already decided which ways to go, so the next step is to open Demat account with a good bank branch which offer good services and features for a minimum prices.

  • For which you will need to
  • Get form from any Depository Participant near to you, 
  • You have to submit, the application with PAN Card, proof of address, aadhar card, voter id.
  • You will be mention about the rights and duties of investors 
  • If you are agreed with the terms and condition, they will provided you 16 digit demat account number.

The most important things, is you should be careful, analyse companies share value over the year, if possible Balance sheet, it’s value right now in the market and and the most vital things it value over the coming year.

Now you are ready to go, There is a list of stocks value of a given company, you decided whether you want to buy for a shorter period or longer period. Which is

  • Intraday
  • Short term
  • Long term Investment

The above are the best solution for

how to buy shares in india

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