how to make money from photography

how to make money from photography? This are the first question arise in most photographer or even people with photography as hobby.  First starting to earn money from photography can enable you to continue with passion. Making a good money from photography require patience, talent and good skills. I have already wrote on how to make money from painting and how to make money from twitter in the last two post .  In this article I have analyzed simple ways that you can use to make money from photography.

how to make money from photography

Ways of  How to make money from photography

Selling online!

There are number of websites dedicated just for freelance photographer and those who love photography as hobby, all you have to do is signup for  the specific website like Shutterstock , EtsyAlamy, istockphoto and much more, you can upload all your picture by paying a small fee, anyone who found interest in your pics will buy it and you get all the money after deducting a small commission by the website.

Photo books and others.
Selling photo books is a great way to sell your photography, this is a great useful way of getting your name out there and to see if it can enable one to make money of you venture it it. Also you can become creative by making books by yourself since there are many small publishers who can create those books for you and giving you a lion’s share of the proceeds and in addition you can create a postcards that are cheap to produce and offer small people affordable prints to share and send which can be decorated using ones images.

Taking photography during events.
This is a greatest opportunities to make money from photography .Event taking photography happens in many local areas and happens frequently like weddings and can brings money .also on top of this one can look towards from the club and bar photography niche. Every bar or club needs images to promote themselves and nights they holds.

Seeking a job in a local newspaper.
One can make money from seeking a job in a local media which produces newspapers .the main key work of local newspapers media involves capturing photo and from time to time they employ photographer to capture photos for them hence is a great opportunity to make money.

Photo tours and workshops.
Many people visit and spends time to touring places like tourist sites and historical sites. This tourists needs to take photos as a sign of remembrance on the visit sites , one can take this opportunity make money by being paid by tourists to take photo for them.

Use of YouTube.
You tube is another simple way to make money, through creation of photography related learning materials can post videos on YouTube with this learning materials which will generate income after people watch and like your videos.

Teaching people.
One can start a teaching classes to educate people who have passion about learning to know about photography. There are many people who have limited knowledge about photography and have interest to know how to use photography to generate money. One can use multiple methods to teach this people about can teach people using various ways which includes creative live where one create courses that people will pay for it .niches will bring more people as fewer photographers teach them. Also in addition one can start a blog where people will view photos and the more the people who view and see the photos the more people will purchase photos through affiliate links like amazon.

In conclusion making money from photography is real and individuals who have passion about it can use photography as a means of making a living .in the above I have discussed creative ways that one can use to make money from photography. All that one needs is to apply and practices the ways and one will make money from them.


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