How to make money without a job ; 30+ easiest way [101% legit]

How to make money without a job?

Staggering amount of blog post with niche “make money online” are published on daily basis but hardly few teach you realistic approach on, “how to make money without a job”

how to make money without a job

Are you a struggling student and want to financially independent?

A struggling house-wife, who find it hard to make money from online?

or are a working person and yet find it hard to keep up with the inflow and looking for ways to make extra money online ?

If your answer is yes! to any of the above question,

You don’t have to worry any more!

as I was a once a struggling student, being curious of this online earning scheme, my curiosity led me to hundred of websites, ends up getting scam a few times but more importantly i learn about other 99% website, where you can actually make money and you don’t have to pay in advance.

Before going dive into the main articles

I want you to know about the intensity of scam around the world.

Here is an recent survey result from : NEWYORKPOST

how to make money without a job

What makes us fall for their trap? is it because we couldn’t understood the difference between genuine and scam website?

Here, another one ( $142 million in 2019, that’s just from Australia alone, now imagine the total amount of scam in the world, that’s nerve wrecking!

how to make money without a job

with monthly analysis on scam report and amount.

how to make money without a job
Before going forward, i want to give a quick reminder; I put 18 hour of painstakingly research to put this blog up, so if you find this articles useful by the end of the post, Don't forget to share with your friends and colleagues. It really motivates me to write more useful stuff for amazing readers like you.

I made sure you won’t fall for any on the trap, so i have made a list of only genuine website ( there is no referral code to any of the website ) so i won’t be earning a single penny,

for a person with no idea of how it works as If you search the internet, you will find numerous money-making websites but the list contain both legitimate and scam, so i recommended reading this first ; what is online earning and how it works ?

Once you understood the basic philosophy of working and earning online,

You can go through any site; you think you could earn from it, you will need to go through the reviews of each of those sites to know which sites are trustworthy.

Just type the “website name + review” in google search bar

Congrats! you have defend yourself from getting scammed, when you get suspicious of any website that claim to make hundreds of dollar on daily basis, Just perform above steps.

Back to the main topic.

I had classified sites under different categories to get easier to you to pick up your niche and get maximum benefit.

Here is 30+ universally legitimates ways on how to make money without a job are as:

I) Online Marketplace:

There are several legit online marketplaces where you can put up gigs or apply to job postings to procure online jobs like

1) Fiverr

one of the easiest ways to make money without a real job, with staggering 5 million download on google play store alone, and millions of users on daily basis, you sure can try you luck here

  • Fiverr provides you with 250+ categories of gigs, so it makes it plenty of choice for you to earn money any time.

TIPS 💡 share your gigs on facebook, twitter and pinterest to get more buyers for your gigs!

2) Upwork

Upwork is a high end and trustworthy freelancing website on internet, you are screening on joining with your photo and valid identity.

  • They instantly remove scammer and suspicious post, so it is recommended for long term freelancing career.

TIPS 💡 Use only your real name and address (no worries about data breach) worry about ban your account for using fake name and address.

3) PeoplePerHour

Similar to upwork, peopleperhour is freelancing site where you are paid for the task or project you completed.

  • Project once completed, you will be paid via paypal

4) Freelancer

Yet another popular freelancing site used by millions on daily basis.

TIPS 💡 Take most of the free test available to boost your profile value

5) Truelancer

One of the most underrated freelancing site, here you can apply for project or you can sell your project with your own rates and timing of completion

TIPS 💡 Apply for project with really decent proposal, explain why you deserve that specific project. You sure going to get earning soon.

if you have already experienced working online or have specific skills mention, then i will recommended site for each skills based on my 3 years experienced

To make the most out of it, Here we go;

For Virtual Assistant : Upwork and truelancer is recommended!

For Logo Design : Fiverr and truelancer

Graphic Design : upwork and Freelancer!

Website Development cum Programming : Peopleperhour and upwork

Google Adsense setup : Just use Fb and connect with people

Search Engine Optimization : Fiverr and truelancer

Social Media Marketing : Fiverr is amazing

Content Writing: Truelancer recommended

Data Entry : Most pay peanut, so i suggested try other skills

and Translation jobs : Freelancer works fine!

So if you are not satisfied with above simple work we come up with some specialized job sites for you which is great ways to make extra money online, websites such as

5) Envato Studio

If high end graphic design or developing beautiful design get you on high horse, you are on right placed, sign up for the same site and earn handsome amount of money.

6) 99designs

is also an alternative option for envato studio for a Graphic Designer. You have a choice between the two sites.

7) iWriter

If writing engaging content with high quality is your skills, you can make upto $50 for mere 500 words blog, for that your skills will be tested.

8) Freelance Writing Gigs

For a newbie content writers Freelancer and truelancer is great place to improve up your writing skills. Once you get reputation, build portfolio and start applying for high end content writing projects.

9) Scribie

When i came across data entry job, most people fall for scam where you needed initial investment, people paid in hope of earning later but the day never came, So there are only handful of genuine website dedicated only for data entry, Scribie is one of them.

10) Rev

Audio transciption, video caption, pretty easy task right? Sign up for the same on the link.

11) Coding Ninjas

One of the highly reputed site where you can learn coding and make money applying for jobs.

12) Codeable

If you are full stack developer, codeable might attract your attention, high recommended.

Most of these marketplaces pay freelancers in various ways. For example, Direct Bank Transfer, PayPal, Payoneer, Credit Card, etc.

The system of operation in a marketplace is like a client puts the mutually agreed amount in a temporary safe place called escrow with the website owner which ensures that the freelancer gets his/her due on successful completion of the project.

II) Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate Marketing is a good source of earning extra income online. If you are blogger or want to become one, then this categories will one of the most useful things for you.

  • The most basic things is , you need to create and maintain a blog where you need to upload articles on a specific niche.
  • You need to optimize the blog as well so that it ranks among the top few links when searched for a definite keyword related to the niche.
  • You also need to put advertisements or affiliates link or ads for branded products or services related to the niche on the blog.
  • Those advertisements should be chosen where the company behind the brand pays for any redirection from your blog to their respective web pages and/or result in sales. This system leads to passive income.

Many organizations provide affiliate programs where you can apply for affiliate memberships. Upon acceptance of the membership,

you can place a link called affiliate link on the advertisement so that any redirection or redirection resulting in sales from the advertisement fetch you a certain percentage of the sales amount as commission.

13) Bluehost

if you are blogger or website owner and using bluehost’s host, you can use affiliate marking of bluehost, where you can earn upto $50 per sign-up using your referral link.

14) Siteground

This one is also similar to bluehost, if you are partner of siteground, you can use their affiliate marketing program, in which you have to show ads of siteground and once buyer sign-up using your link or ads you will earn $50 per sign up

If you are new to blogging and want recommend regarding best hosting, i will surely go with siteground for it’s amazing uptime and customer support, you can sign up for it directly: Siteground coupon

15) Amazon

The most prominent among organizations to run affiliate programs. It is the largest revenue earning company on the internet. Choose the product or service for your advertisement wisely.

TIPS 💡 sign- in your amazon account, scroll down to affiliate program and using the code for specific on your blog, once someone buy product using your link or code, you earn specific percentage of the total amount.

16) Flipkart

Similar to amazon, flipkart also has affiliate program, start using today

TIPS 💡 If you are interested in blogging, you can start writing about specific product and put a link for the same product at the end and start earning.

III) Online Courses:

Another good way to make extra money online is by selling online courses.

This you can do by making videos on the courses and uploading them on your website which your clients can buy online by paying you according to the method mentioned within the website.

A good way to promote your courses is making a video on the overview of each of the courses, publishing that as a trailer on the popular video streaming sites like youtube and daily motion.

17) Coursera

one of the most popular online course, you can earn by selling your course on this site,

18) Udemy

Another popular online course site, if you are expert in specific field, you can become educator here and earn money.

19 ) YouTube

Youtube one of the best place to earn money for any things you upload, but you have to pass eligibility to earn starting last year, you must have 1000+ subscriber and 10,000 hour views on your videos.

TIPS 💡 Apply for adsense once you become eligible and youtube will start showing ads on your video and you will earn via adsense

IV) Online Business:

Setting up a business for operating online can give you rich dividends when it comes to generating extra income.

Because here you can create an online store of the more sought-after items and/or niche items, do the required amount of promotion online and give good service to the customers to win new clients and retain old customers.

Another advantage of this online business is that there are some e-commerce platforms like

20) Shopify Sign-up using this link and made your own custom shop, sell product you wanted to and make money out of it.

21) WooCommerce similar but much more bigger than shopify, first things research, what types of products are selling hot or trending, based on that things, try to sell similar things, now create an facebook ads and target specific audience you want and make money.

etc. with the help of which you can easily set up your online store.

If you do not have any product, you can use drop-shipping. Here, you do not need to manage any inventory. Your drop-shipping supplier will supply the product to your customer on your behalf.

V) : online Small Business:

This is a great way to make extra money. What you can do is you can buy a small business online and sell that business after some period no matter you run it or not. Sites, where you can buy and sell businesses along with their websites, are

22) Flippa

Flippa is one of the ways to make extra money online, as flippa is the ebay of selling and buying domain and website, if you have experienced in this things, you can make thousands of dollar in a instant

Someone who can predict the website worth can use flippa and is surely one of the trusted way to quick rich scheme.

23) BizBroker24

is an alternative for flippa, you can buy website and sell on your own price.

in short, You can even set up an organization, create a profile of it by doing some business and then can sell it off.

VI) Watching Videos:

You will be surprised to know that you can even watch videos online to earn extra income.

There are sites like

24) swagbucks

is one of the most trusted site on the internet, and also one of the easiest ways to make extra money online, they already had paid millions of dollar to it’s users since, Just watch a video till it timer end, coins will be credit.

the most easiest way to make money on swagbucks is get people to sign-up using your code, and earn 20% for lifetime.

25) Earnably

which pay you for watching videos. However, you can do some other tasks there such as responding to surveys, etc. You can take your payouts through PayPal once you reach the respective thresholds.

VII ) Online Surveys:

Some websites conduct surveys at cost. If you take up such survey jobs, you will be paid. Some of the well-known online survey sites are

26) Yougov

one of my favourite and easiest ways to make extra money online, sign-up using real country location, once you get eligible, you get email from yougov regarding survey on daily basis, Most of survey are pretty easy and paid decent.

27) PrizeRebel

set up in 2007, it has paid more than $20 million to it’s users, you ca redeem as paypal cash or amazon gift card

28) Greenpanthera

Although it is available is available only in dozens of country, if you get eligible, you are rewarded $5 on registration and earn more on shopping and surveys.

29) Sayso

Sayso works on based on your location, you get survey based on the availability on your country.

Things to remember : Most sites pay through PayPal and vouchers. These vouchers must be redeemed within a definite time.

VIII) Social media influencer

If you think, social network is just for connecting friends and becoming popular or killing time, then you are wrong, Thousand of people are earning in million with the right use of social network like facebook, instagram, Tiktok, Likee and list goes on….

29) Facebook

Wonder about how to make money with facebook?

Here are some ways to make extra money online from facebook

  • Revenue from ads on your facebook page videos
  • promoting companies product on your pages
  • by sharing referral code of your affiliates marketing.
  • Selling your own things ….

30) Instagram

If you are pretty popular on instagram, like above 10k followers on your account, you can approach specific companies to promote their product, like

If you share food pics, you can refer food companies or if you have your own pics, you can sell make-up product and list goes on…

31) Tik tok and Likee

The content creator are being paid in the form of gifts , which can be changed into real money, being a millions of users it is also one of the fastest ways to make extra money online.

If you have skills, talent and love for social media, then tik tok and likee could be your things.

Thus, you can earn in various ways over the internet. There is an unlimited number of tasks available for each of the ways. Just measure your skills and decide which way you should go.

Visit the relevant sites and find out the one which suits you the best. Start working on that site fearlessly pick up orders and complete the tasks to claim your money.

I hope, i had satisfied your curious for how to make money without a job

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